Summer night Kiev blues

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, I was young and running wild – “Be a darling,” said the raven, “Keep my beak inside your heart.” I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, Beak in heart and heart in throat, Acid bubbling in the tear ducts, Muscle in a Gordian knot. I was born in Kiev, UkraineContinue reading “Summer night Kiev blues”

Kiev’s brittle spring

I’m one of those people who can’t sing by herself. Someone else has to hit the first note for me. Two of my aunts are music instructors  – one disabled, the other partially disabled these days – and they both say that it’s an issue of confidence, of being sure. As if that hidden first noteContinue reading “Kiev’s brittle spring”

The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk

My blood pressure fell suddenly, like it sometimes does these days. I came alive maybe half an hour later after Sasha took this picture, when medicine was found. The baby started moving just two days before. It woke me up on the train. It’s too early for me to actually feel kicks, but I feelContinue reading “The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk”

Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev

So I had a reading at the Lyubimovka festival in Moscow this past Friday. It was part of a special project called “PGT” – which refers to a denomination dreamed up in Soviet times for small towns that are bigger than villages, but aren’t quite towns in the strictest sense of the word. Both ofContinue reading “Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev”