Counting down the days to Fable 2

I’ve been watching the trailer obsessively:

Fairy tales and storytelling and lore not only influence the world of gaming, but, I wager, the opposite effect is also taking place. Five hundred years from now, our lore, what makes it to the ghostly future generations, would have been impacted by Xbox.

Honestly, all those people who say that gaming is for losers who don’t have “real lives” (whatever a “real life” may be), are not seeing the bigger picture.

Fairy tales wedded to gaming create all sorts of discussions: the idea of self-determination, of free will and its limitations (games, like lives, have distinct rules), of the nature of time and how it becomes muddled once you’re sitting on your couch in the 21st century, battling an electronic ghost of a 14th century highwayman (and are you not also, then, a ghost? At least for a moment or two?).

The stories that will follow the first gaming generation will be interesting.