My name is Natalia,

In the eyes of the law, I am a grown-up. I can vote, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and star in a pornographic feature if I so choose. I have a job, a budget, a car, a dog, a boyfriend, and number of suit jackets with pants to match. I also have a crush on Orlando Bloom.

I am blissfully unashamed.

10 thoughts on “My name is Natalia,

  1. I was going to say something snarky like “what Keanu Reeves wasn’t available?” but I cant even pretend that Bloom is as bad an actor as Keanu. Plus, I really liked “The Kingdom of Heaven”, cheesy dialogue and all.

  2. I think “KoH” was marvelous in that whole sometimes silly, sometimes genuine way. And I don’t agree with the article when it says that Orlando can’t grow a beard. He can!

  3. Go you. I make a point to broadcast my celebrity crushes regularly now that I am over 20, as I was too mature for that sort of thing when I was a teenager. You know how that goes. Or not. At any rate, I drool over men I’ve never met and I don’t care who knows it. Bwah!

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