21 thoughts on “Happy International Workers’ Day!

  1. The funny thing about Mayday in the US, to me anyway, is that it’s overwhelmingly celebrated by people you can’t really call workers. It’s not like the old IWW days when Steelmen and seamstresses and railroad workers were celebrating; now it’s these snotty, upper class leftist kids whose closest experience with real work has been as a record store clerk, and who have never had to pay bills.

    What’s the banner say, if I can ask? I can’t read Russian. My old Russian roommate tried to teach me a bit but I pretty much just know Pyccia and pycco now.

  2. What do people do on this holiday?
    I have often heard it being mentioned but I have never seen it celebrated.

  3. I feel pretty silly now , it’s not a holiday it’s more of a day of action to protest and appeal for fair wages and proper working conditions social justice etc.
    I’m in the Netherlands and 24 years old so I think I missed most of it.
    The labour party leader here sang the international with a group of older ladies 🙂 seems like it’s more of a sentimental thing for them.

  4. I used to go riot a bit in London on May Day a few years back. Scared the shit out of some people at the Ritz, if I remember correctly.

  5. By the way Natalia when can we see you in a pretty dress?
    🙂 you can’t be this shy.

  6. Durendal, it most certainly was and is a celebration in the later years of the USSR &, now, the former USSR. People get time off from work, etc. It’s sort of like May 9 – or V-day, people remember, but they also party.

  7. Even in Russia it’s now called the “Holiday of Spring and Labor” or something like that. The razor-edge of the sickle has grown dull.

  8. I read that some people are viewing it as a day of remembrance of victims of the Gulag, the true ethos of socialism.

    Others know real Marxism will bring about the withering of the state. Still, it would not be wise to counsel the believer to hold his/her breath.

  9. Dear Natalia. On international workers day, I was at Sevastopol, viewing the ruins of Khersones.. and so were lots of really really young sailors, supervised by their COs. I thought it was interesting that they didn’t really truly get the day off.

    In Australia, one or two states celebrate May Day as Labour Day. In the other states, it passes by in insignificance.

  10. Riposte? Why ever do you think yourself worthy of a riposte from moi (not Moi)?And anyway, which cargo cult am I being linked to now? Socialism? Bwa ha ha.

    Oh, and LMM, I really like your blog. I’m always interested in blogs of expats in Ukraine. It’s very well written and fun. 🙂

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