Between us girls: my interview with Anna Gutsol

Go, read the interview with the leader of what is arguably one of the most scandalous organizations in Ukraine. I don’t necessarily agree with Anna on everything, but it was both fun and challenging to talk to her about boobs, sex tourists, prostitution, and the image of Ukrainian women abroad.

11 thoughts on “Between us girls: my interview with Anna Gutsol

  1. Though I wish that she and I could sit down with a drink and debunk once and for all the stereotypes of Western feminists. We are not ugly man-haters who hates eroticism!

  2. Well, to be fair, she never said that Western feminists were ugly man-haters. She was talking about eroticism, which is a fair claim to make, depending on who your’e talking about.

  3. What a mind-bender! And eye-opener to think that a whole nation of women are considered this way.

    This must be 5th wave feminism or something. Well done, to you both. 🙂

  4. Point taken, but “depending on who you’re talking about” is the key there. It’s the “all Western feminists are….” formulation that gets my hackles up.

    That said, it is still a thrill to learn of an organization in Ukraine that is basically feminist as I see it, whether they use the word itself or not. Thanks so much for linking to the interview.

  5. You know, I am sure this organization does great work. But if your organizing is based on pretty girls in really high heels and underwear, your organization becomes exclusive. Can I still be in the pictures if I am not playboy material? And this “To deliberately make yourself unattractive”, really is annoying. I am neither unattractive neither do I “deliberately make myself unattractive” by not wearing miniskirts and high heels and whatever else Ms. Gutsol deems attractive. And the choice is not really between miniskirts and high heels on one side and burlap sacks on the other you know; I personally prefer comfortable flowy dresses. I totally agree that criticizing people for what they wear is not cool. It is just petty and stupid, but it works both ways. I am Iranian and though you might not know this about us, heavy make-up etc are also very much a part of my culture and pretty much required. Whenever I visit home I have to put up with plenty of bullshit well-intentioned comments from various female cousins for not wearing make-up, or for god forbid sometimes appearing in a worn pair of jeans on some occasions or not wearing high heels despite being short.

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