Things fall apart: only family remains (when you’re lucky enough to have them)

Mummy and Fedya
Mummy and Fedya

I took this one before I went to church today (yes, I went to church, try not to faint… and please don’t give me the stuff about how it’s patriarchal… I KNOW it’s patriarchal… I just take it piecemeal). You can’t hear it – but Fedya was purring like a Mercedes engine. I wish the slippers and the mobile phones weren’t in it, and I wish I could have gotten a better angle (and had my better camera on me), but of course, Fedya figured out my diabolical plans right away, and quickly buggered off, suddenly pretending to be very, very interested in the taste and consistency of the fading 90’s wallpaper.

17 thoughts on “Things fall apart: only family remains (when you’re lucky enough to have them)

  1. I like the picture. I like the new look, as well, except for the Patriarchy Approved boobs. Haf you no shame? Why are you deliberately oppressing those of us who aren’t as pretty as you, who have sagging boobs and sun-damaged skin? I’m offended.

    Well, not really. I just felt like it needed saying and I’m the first one to respond :o)

  2. I love that photo of your Mum and the cat, wouldn’t change a thing about it.

    Did you fall off something the millisecond after that shot was taken? Anyway it’s a cool photo – of course Germain would not approve, which is probably why I do :P.

  3. 🙂 Mummy is indeed lovely.

    I’m sorry about the Patriarchally Approved Boobs in the header of this blog. I thought the Cousin Itt look would cut down on the patriarchalness. I was wrong.

    *rending my garments, etc*

  4. Wow! I love this new look, it is very sophisticated indeed. The font and the background is great and a lot easier to read somehow, I found. well done, cool.
    and the boobs look good too. 🙂
    Your photo of your mom is wonderful, and she is so pretty and young….she looks like someone I would like to meet. 🙂 very nice.


  5. natalia – even if the new template is nice, that banner is very strange. it’s a frightening picture because you can’t see your face, as it is completely obscured by hair and gum. you only see the eyes of the cat. maybe this is an artistic statement, but that begs the question why you need to make it in the first place. i’m curious.

    it’s a very good picture of your mother though.

  6. Well, *I* like the Cousin Itt look, with the bubblegum, the boobs and the cat’s eyes. Not everything has to be a Political Statement, sometimes it can be just goofiness.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with the PAB shot in the header, fwiw. However… this new format is not showing up correctly for me: everything is in one narrow center column and the words are all scrunched together. I’m using IE and realize this could be my punishment, but is anyone else having this problem?

  8. The one column is supposed to be part of the theme, but it’s not looking too great on my Mac Firefox either, especially at the bottom (looks fine on top, har har).

    I’ve been having trouble with getting a good theme that has a not-too-narrow banner image space. Anyone who wants to help me out is – *cough* – welcome to.

  9. the new format isn’t working so great for me. I like the look but the central column with all the writing in it is too narrow and I end up with 2/3rds of the screen being blank space. The header is an eye grabber although it left me wondering which was going to happen first, you popping out of your dress and your gum getting stuck in your hair? Sorry, I really am that immature. Beautiful picture of your mom btw.

  10. None of those two things happened, actually, when the picture was taken. 🙂 And mom appreciates it.

    I’ll have to think about a new theme when I’m not thinking about other stuff.

  11. I’m relieved to see that that kind of attention-seeking behavior isn’t limited to the monstrous feline I live with. Charlie will climb on top of anyone, in any situation, and demand love immediately … for a while I thought he was some kind of high-powered mutant cat, but now I see there are others like him.

  12. Does Charlie do that thing when he runs up next to you when you’re sitting down, minding your own business, and begin headbutting you in the arm to get petted? Fedya is a champ at that. Especially when you’re holding a glass that may or may not spill…

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