Tuesday Music: the 7 day itch edition

I don’t want to explain my good mood today, I only want to hang on to it for as long as possible. In my case right now, it’s a bit like climbing rope in gym class, with all of the associated burns on the palms of your hands. But it’s worth it.

I walked into the kitchen this morning, heard grandma say “that’s HORRIBLE” into the phone, and promptly walked out again. And there was watermelon on the table too. That’s how tightly I am hanging on to this good mood of mine.

While You Wait for the Others – Grizzly Bear
The Bucket – Kings of Leon
White Revolving Circles – Helicopter Girl
Sex Is Not the Enemy – Garbage
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John & Billy Joel
Count of Casualty – Patrick Wolf
Never Know the Party’s Here – Eleni Mandell
Raspberry Swirl – Tori Amos (hah)
Talent Show – the Replacements
Clown For The Day – Beat Crusaders

“I’m not your senorita
I don’t aim so high
In my heart I do no crime”

Here’s El Ten Eleven:

And here’s a song that you’ll only be able to laugh at if you understand Russian (I’m sorry, I know, life isn’t fair):

Oh, and look, my iPod finally broke for real just now. And mood’s not even dented.

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