Monday music: handfuls of goodbye

До свиданья, друг мой, без руки, без слова,
Не грусти и не печаль бровей, —
В этой жизни умирать не ново,
Но и жить, конечно, не новей.
– Сергей Есенин

Khaled, this is for you, for obvious reasons.

Also, real life has walloped me over the head since I got back from Moscow, but I appear to be standing, all major organs intact. Not so for a friend of mine. So Alan, (1984 – 2010), this is for you as well.

You Only Live Once – the Strokes
Animal (Fake Blood Remix) – Miike Snow
New Song – Beat Crusaders
Further and Further Away – Ghosts
Honestly – Zwan
The Lisbon Maru – Fuck Buttons
Do You Remember – the Horrors
Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead
Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 1) – the Beatles
1-800-288-SLAM – Meanderthals

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