Mikhalkov’s “12”: One of the most glorious moments in modern Russian cinema

Lezginka! I don’t think you even need to like this movie in order to feel goosebumps crawling up your arms as you watch this one. If you can’t read the Russian subtitles and don’t understand Chechen, the kid expresses admiration for the knife, and the man gives it to him. After the dance, the kid’sContinue reading “Mikhalkov’s “12”: One of the most glorious moments in modern Russian cinema”

The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid

The New Zealand scientists have an AWESOME blog on their progress with the colossal squid. Not to mention the live webcams! It’s two a.m. in Amman and I am riveted. Screw network television (with the notable exception of “LOST”), and screw sleep. Bill Nye, you weren’t lying when you told my 7th grade self thatContinue reading “The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid”