Awesome Names for Radfem Blogs, the Special Kind

As it may be obvious by now, I’m a tad bit annoyed by much of online radical feminism. And one of the things that bothers me about it, and bothers a whole lot of other people too, is the whole tone of the radfemosphere – the breathless drama of it, complete with agrrieved-sounding blog namesContinue reading “Awesome Names for Radfem Blogs, the Special Kind”

…Into Shadow

“This is war, Peacock.” – Clue. You know those old westerns, or those new space westerns, wherein the intrepid hero walks into a saloon or bar and all eyes turn to him? When everyone is waiting for the hero to do something stupid – such as order a glass of milk or fail to kissContinue reading “…Into Shadow”

Blatta orientalis: There will be blood

… So go to sleep bitch, die motherf*cker, die. Time’s up, bitch, close your eyes. – Eminem An old X-Files episode, “War of the Coprophages,” centers on a town brought down to its collective knees by an infestation of cockroaches. I am somewhat depressed to find my present living quarters to be a version ofContinue reading “Blatta orientalis: There will be blood”

Dmitrii Artemyev on The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows

If you don’t read Russian, you probably don’t know of the existence of Dmitrii Arteymev, an opinion essayist for the popular website (APN stands for Agency of Political News) and self-described “Orthodox Christian.” I have to say, I envy you. The misery of knowing that a person like Dmitrii Artemyev exists is a burdenContinue reading “Dmitrii Artemyev on The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows”

This… Is… Germaine Greer!

The above is called “fun with Photo Booth at 4 a.m.” Leonidas is attacking from behind. *cough* Germaine Greer hates me. I know it. For reals. As I go about my days, fiddling with fairy tales, hunting for a good pair of platform sandals, drinking bad instant coffee, and dealing with my homicidal rage atContinue reading “This… Is… Germaine Greer!”