I’m happy like a new mother is happy

When the theater festival in town gives her opportunities and excuses to drink wine with disreputable men who happen to be her friends, fret about some critics’ need for “catharsis” and kiss the disreputable man who happens to be her husband in the back of a cab at night. Other towns have other festivals, butContinue reading “I’m happy like a new mother is happy”

BREAKING: Crappy landlady continues being crappy

The thing about our landlady is that she’s one of those old school people who never evolved past the Soviet Union – and thinks she’s the shit because her husband (who, to be fair, is a nice old man) is a retired army colonel. And because they have a dacha. Or something like that. SheContinue reading “BREAKING: Crappy landlady continues being crappy”

Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo

I have never been this tired before *in my life*. I imagine that after The Globe is born and we’re back home from the hospital, I will be *even more* tired. The mind boggles. How do people survive? How has the human race been propagating itself all of this time? Oddly enough, the only thingContinue reading “Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo”

The Globe and I

“It’s not a fucking walk in the park.” – Madonna, on pregnancy and childbirth. Well, except on those rare occasions when it is: This summer in Moscow is nothing like last summer in Moscow. For one thing, I don’t wear heels (I don’t even know where all of my high-heeled shoes went, at this pointContinue reading “The Globe and I”

Easter Sunday in Novogireyevo

It’s the sort of day when church bells ring non-stop and people bring their digital SLR cameras and fancily dressed Chihuahuas named Caesar out to various Moscow parks, making me bemoan the fact that our own digital SLR camera is currently in a village outside Voronezh, accompanying my husband on a filming excursion. He canContinue reading “Easter Sunday in Novogireyevo”