This Stupid Slag is Not Amused by Tanya Gold

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’ve no love lost for Tanya Gold’s recent writing on the Guardian. First she labels all beauty contestants as stupid slags who should be used as battering rams and tampons, and now she has decided to compliment the lovely Susan Boyle by calling her aContinue reading “This Stupid Slag is Not Amused by Tanya Gold”

Once again, I’d like to recommend Chay Magazine

There are many good reads on Chay, now that issue 3 is out. Chay is a unique South Asian publication; it speaks frankly about sex and sexuality, and it’s run by a terrific team of people. Kyla Pasha writes for GlobalComment as well, of course, but I’m not merely plugging her because she’s a colleague.Continue reading “Once again, I’d like to recommend Chay Magazine”

Camille Jekyll and Camille Hyde

Unsuspectingly, I opened up this morning, completely forgetting that it’s CAMILLE PAGLIA DAY. In the words of Princess Leia, the foul stench should have clued me in, but I was still on my first cup of coffee, so I can therefore be forgiven (maybe). I suppose the reason why I devote so much ofContinue reading “Camille Jekyll and Camille Hyde”

Sexual health, Jordan, and a few words specifically on abstinence

Naseem recently published a great post about the AIDS awareness campaign in Jordan – and the debate has been interesting. One issue that has come up several times is the idea that the promotion of abstinence is an integral part of Jordanian society. I believe that it is an integral part of Jordanian society onContinue reading “Sexual health, Jordan, and a few words specifically on abstinence”

The Literary Note

This one was originally facilitated by Facebook, it came to me via a very old and very well-read friend – John – who himself received it from a lovely person named Carole. It’s more challenging than it looks. You have received this note because someone thinks you are a literary geek. Copy the questions intoContinue reading “The Literary Note”