Speaking of Violence & Jordan

This is a piece by a young American woman who came to Jordan to study abroad and found herself in a horrific situation one day. Katherine’s story, and how she dealt with what happened to her, makes for fascinating reading. Please note that there is a huge, neon TRIGGER WARNING on this one.

Abortion is Not the Issue

Looking over this discussion on The Hand Mirror – a discussion spawned by the Catholic Church’s genius handling of the issues surrounding the rape and impregnation of a nine-year-old Brazilian girl – I am once again struck by what a huge red herring this entire ZOMG ABORTION thing is. Here’s a fact: abortion has alwaysContinue reading “Abortion is Not the Issue”

Things for you to read (and look at) at the door of Spring 2009

Spring is my favourite season. I’m writing an essay and a short story on the subject right now, and while I’m doing that, please check out the following: Hexy interviewed by Renee Martin. This is a really good, and really important read for any feminist, womanist, sex worker rights advocate, progressive person, and so onContinue reading “Things for you to read (and look at) at the door of Spring 2009”

Link Round-Up: Poetry, Carnival, and Facebook Debates

Since I’m not in a blogging sort of mood, here’s some stuff for you to read. People in the News – a new poem on ArabComment. The first Tell it WOC Speak Carnival is now up. Oh, and Facebook weirdness has ensued recently.Copyright issues are so weird on the internet. Just think of every stupidContinue reading “Link Round-Up: Poetry, Carnival, and Facebook Debates”