An Important Event for Feminism: Renegade Evolution & Top Feminist Blogs

So this week, something cool happened, and this something cool was the revelation that Renegade Evolution is in the Top 30 Feminist Blogs, according to statistics. I consider Ren a good friend, so a congratulations of a personal nature is in order. Yay! Squee! And so on. But what makes this particular inclusion so specialContinue reading “An Important Event for Feminism: Renegade Evolution & Top Feminist Blogs”

The Bloop! The Great Wyrm Rises! And Lake Somino!

Because it has recently popped up in a Cracked article, I have been reminded of my fasination with the Bloop. Now, as I have written previously on this site – my father once had a fascinating encounter with an enormous creature that’s not supposed to exist. It happened off the coast of Crimea, during aContinue reading “The Bloop! The Great Wyrm Rises! And Lake Somino!”

“When Will There Be Good News?” – Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I live and breathe Kate Atkinson. I wrote my (rather rambling) honours thesis on her work, mostly on my favourite piece of modern literature – her second book, Human Croquet. I have kept up religiously with her forays into stunningly crafted crime fiction, and exchanged a few e-mails withContinue reading ““When Will There Be Good News?” – Review”

Abu Ghraib should damn well haunt us…

Daisy has posted something you really ought to read: on Abu Ghraib, on our national nightmares, and even with some commentary on radical feminism thrown in the mix. When I read that, all I could think was “I just want to go back.” But to what, exactly? Has there even been a time in thisContinue reading “Abu Ghraib should damn well haunt us…”