Late-Term Abortion, Honour Crime…

Please read this powerful account on a late-term abortion from a guest-blogger at bastad.logic. Also, check out my review of Rana Husseini’s Murder in the Name of Honour on Feministe. OK, since all of that was really intense, here’s something to bring a semblance of balance to the Force: (It gets funnier and funnier asContinue reading “Late-Term Abortion, Honour Crime…”

Dear Elizabeth Wurtzel – you’re OK, really

I read this recent piece by Elizabeth Wurtzel with a mixture of recognition, sympathy, fear and frustration. Wurtzel is constantly derided as a pointless narcissist, but she has a lot of texture. Yeah, she’s absorbed in herself, but she submerges beautifully. She gives us something to marvel at in the process. There’s a nakedness toContinue reading “Dear Elizabeth Wurtzel – you’re OK, really”

Mad is as mad does

This discussion about madness & the Icarus Project on Feministe ended up getting shut down because people ended up talking past each other and there was a lot of anger and feelings ended up hurt. With all due respect – as I said over there before the comments were closed – how the hell doContinue reading “Mad is as mad does”