Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?

Iker Casillas begs to differ. So Stephanie Zacharek used her review of the film adaptation of The Road to bash the original source material. There’s no accounting for taste, but does Cormac McCarthy really have a “he-man streak”? And even if he does… why is that bad? I rarely agree with Zacherek’s reviews, though IContinue reading “Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?”

“Do you like being unhappy?” “Do you like the fact that rain is wet?”

No one single instant of it was unendurable. Here was a second right here: he endured it. What was undealable-with was the thought of all the instants all lined up and stretching ahead, glittering… – David Foster Wallace. Someone asked me recently if I “like” being unhappy. It’s a strange and, at the same time,Continue reading ““Do you like being unhappy?” “Do you like the fact that rain is wet?””

Depression: at the Black Gate with Anton Chekhov and Leroy Jenkins

I admire Chekhov, and not just for his writing, and not just because he was startlingly hot either. To paraphrase Ivan Bunin, Chekhov was not a little bitch. Even when he knew he was dying from TB, he didn’t whine hysterically from the pages of Russian literary journals. He didn’t ask his readers for hugs.Continue reading “Depression: at the Black Gate with Anton Chekhov and Leroy Jenkins”

Delwar Hussain on homophobia in Tower Hamlets: hmmmmm

The awesome Andrea tweeted a link to this piece by Delwar Hussain on Comment Is Free, and as much as I think the author’s intentions are good, his attempts at making sense of the homophobic violence plaguing the multicultural Tower Hamlets borough result in several assumptions that just don’t sit right with me. First ofContinue reading “Delwar Hussain on homophobia in Tower Hamlets: hmmmmm”

Yes. Decent healthcare is “bad” because THOSE people might benefit.

On the subject of certain Americans’ virulent contempt for even a slightly more egalitarian healthcare system: “They don’t want racial minorities and people without means sharing spaces with them, and especially not when they’re sick and being reminded that they’re the same flesh and blood as everyone else. The idea that a 14-year-old immigrant mightContinue reading “Yes. Decent healthcare is “bad” because THOSE people might benefit.”