Links: from work, from friends & random bits

“Gift-shaped bruises” – me on the anti-domestic violence campaign in Ukraine. Good recent headline on Questioning Transphobia: “Lady Gaga’s Genitals Are Not Our Business.” Nope, they sure aren’t. Mmmm, abstinence. It’s only “sexy” for a girl to be abstinent, of course. JO Magazine has responded to criticism of its piece on Western female sex-tourists –Continue reading “Links: from work, from friends & random bits”

Dave Cullen & Wally Lamb on Columbine

I read Dave Cullen’s Columbine while in Edinburgh this year (yes, that’s what I do on vacation, hang around pubs with a book about some horribly depressing subject, after all the museums close), and came away both impressed with the thorough analysis of the massacre and deeply moved by Cullen’s sensitivity to the subject matter.Continue reading “Dave Cullen & Wally Lamb on Columbine”

Quote of the Day – from Kai

“What I’m feeling, at this particular time, at this point in my life, is the familiar recognition that there’s no real home for me in this earthly sphere, only criss-crossed paths across the surface of this spinning planet. It’s often said that life is a journey; all of us are in transition, marching side-by-side fromContinue reading “Quote of the Day – from Kai”

Me on Natalia Estemirova’s murder, others on more of the same

Do Natalia Estemirova’s killers feel like big, strong men? And on other murdered women: Questioning Transphobia on the murder of Kamilla (Lisa quoted me, so this could see like more shameless self-promotion, and for that, I apologize). Muslimah Media Watch on the murder of Marwa el-Sherbini, stabbed to death in a German courtroom because sheContinue reading “Me on Natalia Estemirova’s murder, others on more of the same”

Old-school victim-blaming from our friend Camille Paglia

I’m in Kiev. There is a beautiful, drippy sunset outside my room, Fedya the cat is stalking my shoes, and I’m playing Nelly Furtado’s first album. Why am I blogging about this crap? Don’t answer that question. Dear old Camille. Just when you think she can’t sink any lower in her victim-blaming, the woman burrowsContinue reading “Old-school victim-blaming from our friend Camille Paglia”