What hath mommyhood wrought?

Nowadays, a modern person has to be careful about implying that there is anything “unique” about motherhood. After all, you don’t want to imply that someone who is not a mother, or else not a mother in the traditional sense, has somehow been deprived of a unique experience. The physiological aspects of traditional motherhood –Continue reading “What hath mommyhood wrought?”

Lisa Taddeo, cheating, power and sexy ladies!*

* – I mostly just threw in that last bit for the hysterical Google search terms that will show up in my stats. Maybe. I have no idea who Lisa Taddeo is, first of all. The fact that I’m even blogging about her just shows you how derivative the Internet is. A friend sends aContinue reading “Lisa Taddeo, cheating, power and sexy ladies!*”

I’ve been working

Or, you know, goofing off, depending on how you look at it. You know, Ekaterina Zatuliveter is NOT a spy. I’m amazed at the slut-shaming this woman has endured. All because she’s Russian and gravitates towards older, powerful men. In a normal world, this would have been a phase she would have grown out ofContinue reading “I’ve been working”

You know why “call-out culture” sucks?

It sucks because it’s largely derivative. Someone writes a critique of, say, a TV show. Then someone else critiques the critique. Then a legion of ANGREE PEOPLE shows up in the comments section of the critique that’s critiquing the critique, furious about some WORD that the critic used, a word that is OFFENSIVE in someContinue reading “You know why “call-out culture” sucks?”