Sick of this Dworkin crap

People who are fans of Andrea Dworkin’s writing insist that she was too ahead of her time for men or women to really get her. I agree in part. Dworkin was, by all evidence, a woman of superior intelligence whose work changed a lot of people’s lives – whether leading to some form of politicalContinue reading “Sick of this Dworkin crap”

Yeah, Patrick Smith’s latest column on air travel kind of sucks…

I get that screaming/crying children on planes are a nuisance. But in my considerable flying experience, only about 5% of them are, you know, poorly behaved and doing it on purpose. The rest can’t help it. Babies especially. Air travel can be hell on an adult body – it can also be hell on aContinue reading “Yeah, Patrick Smith’s latest column on air travel kind of sucks…”

The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk

My blood pressure fell suddenly, like it sometimes does these days. I came alive maybe half an hour later after Sasha took this picture, when medicine was found. The baby started moving just two days before. It woke me up on the train. It’s too early for me to actually feel kicks, but I feelContinue reading “The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk”

Infidelity, Russian-style

Hell yeah. World Cup. But anyway… I read Julia Ioffe’s piece on infidelity in Russia with great interest, particular because it was for Slate’s DoubleX, and I never really know what the hell I am supposed to make of that particular outfit. A part of me despises it, a part of me is continually intrigued.Continue reading “Infidelity, Russian-style”