“I’m a Happy Cockroach” – The World Premiere

This is my brother and I, singing the “I’m a Happy Cockroach” song, which has become the ringtone of champions in Russian-speaking circles (the word “champions” being, uh, synonymous with “twelve-year-olds”). The thumps you hear are supposed to be the sounds of shoes being flung at the Happy Cockroach. The Happy Cockroach is taunting theContinue reading ““I’m a Happy Cockroach” – The World Premiere”

Kyiv: the City of High Heels and Brotherly Love

These shoes aren’t made for walking, unless you count quick hops from my parents’ car into a shop and back again: I do love the way I look in them, though. I also love that lamp. It’s nice to have it on when I’m reading Tolkien in bed, and listening to the wing making theContinue reading “Kyiv: the City of High Heels and Brotherly Love”

Hello, Baby Anton

On April 1st, in Kiev, my godfather, Vladimir, and his girlfriend, Oksana, welcomed Baby Anton into their life. Anton weighs nearly four kilos. He is 55 centimeters tall. His name was inspired by the Orthodox Church calendar of names (as opposed to our last name, though it’s cool to have that association regardless). Darling Baby,Continue reading “Hello, Baby Anton”

Family? What Family?

“Lecture on domestic violence cancelled over protests it could break up families.” A family where violence is rampant is not a family to begin with. Families are based on mutual trust. I’m not saying that people’s private lives should be all sunshine, all the time. Can a “good” family harbour darkness? Yes, to a degree.Continue reading “Family? What Family?”