Sexist crap – from a supposed “radical feminist” – AGAIN

If you don’t feel like reading this latest rant of mine – check out my Gaza-themed guest post on Feministe. I tried to be a little more thoughtful than usual.

Welcome to round 1324573645 of “neener-neener, you’re a SLUT!”

With a feminist bent, no less!

Behold, noted “radical feminist” Stormy, on the subject of rape and “sex-positive” women:

“Blow-up dolls have not stopped rape. Lots of freely available “sex-positive” women have not stopped rape, so it’s not just about jerking off into a hole and freely available sex.”

Oh boy. Ohboyohboyohboy.

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Women as Children: Why the “Seduction as Rape” Philosophy is a tad Problematic

I was reading this, when I once again came dangerously close to ruining my keyboard through spillage. Behold:

[one of the definitions of rape is] seduction: when a man persuades a woman to have sex with him, often subtly, through being kind, polite, chivalrous, etc;

Just in case you are mystified – what Maggie Hays is essentially saying is that a woman who is turned on, say, by the sight of her man cooking a delicious lunch and tackles him halfway through, is, in fact, a rape victim.

Of course, she has Andrea Dworkin to back her up: “Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape.”

Oooh. That’s right. Us little ladies are so confused by our own sexual desires that we couldn’t possibly know what it is we want. At all. Better to lock us all up so we remain virginal and pure, singing songs to the Mother Goddess in our pristine convents, enjoying apolitical lesbian-sister love (but not in that way), unexposed to the beastly predilections of men.

no words can do Maggie justice, but i try…

*the sound you hear is me choking on my coffee*


Okay then.

The above thinking is actually a direct extension of patriarchal and demeaning standards used against women throughout this great, big, horrible world of ours. I was reading some interviews done in Saudi Arabia a few years back – on the subject of women potentially getting the right to vote – and something that jumped out at me was a woman who was quoted as saying that women couldn’t possibly be allowed to vote, they’re far too easily charmed and lead on by men, after all. Maggie? Andrea? I think I may have found your ideological twin.

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The Awesome Continues: 100 Names for Batshit* Radfem Blogs, Vol. 2

* – In the interest of human decency, please allow me to point out that not all radfem blogs are batshit. Claiming otherwise would be unfair. No radical feminist who contributed to this list was harmed during its making.

Shakespeare! “Heroes”! PUMAs!

They’re all in here, and they are all waiting to delight you. A great number of people participated on this one, so instead of listing them all and then un-listing the ones who wish to remain anonymous, and annoying everybody, I’m just going to ask the authors to come forward in the commenting section. As always, suggestions for Vol. 3 are welcome, as are new list ideas. If your stuff didn’t make it in, please do not despair. Submit again.

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Awesome Names for Radfem Blogs, the Special Kind

As it may be obvious by now, I’m a tad bit annoyed by much of online radical feminism.

And one of the things that bothers me about it, and bothers a whole lot of other people too, is the whole tone of the radfemosphere – the breathless drama of it, complete with agrrieved-sounding blog names like “The Margins” (they’re on the margins, dammit! No one cares about them!) or “Rage Against the Manchine” (which actually sounds pretty clever, until you understand that the author is Always. Dead. Serious.) or “Gorgon Poisons.”

Considering that these people want to change the world, the rhetorical hand-wringing is just… hilarious.

So, me and some other people decided to help the Radical Feminist Online Project by coming up with a list of pithy names for true radical blogs. You know, none of that frivolous, sparkly stuff. So people know you mean business.

The list got kind of long, as most of us, though dying of vicious laughter, were unable to stop ourselves. And here are the greatest hits. Nearly a hundred of them: Continue reading “Awesome Names for Radfem Blogs, the Special Kind”

Radical Feminists and the “Wrong” Kind of Sexual Abuse Survivors: Or Why We Should All Just Slit Our Throats

Satsuma, a radical feminist minion/smelly sockpuppet, has really, really made me mad just now. Satsuma, for those of you lucky enough to have been shielded from her radioactive stupidity up until now, hangs out over on the website of one Cheryl “Heart” Seelhoff (don’t try to leave comments over there, like, ever, they’ll be censored or deleted).

Wise minds have suggested that Satsuma is an invention of Heart. While we cannot verify such claims at this time, we do have our own suspicions.

Now, I’ve already spoken about radical feminists and the “wrong” kinds of women: the “wrong” abuse survivor, the “wrong” PTSD sufferer, etc.

So I am not altogether surprised to see comments like this one, containing statements  that reduce us all to pathetic caricatures, even going as far as claiming that any sort of intimate contact with a man “taints” a woman (boy, that’s a “new” one. Kind of like those Victorian rape survivors who could never been seen in polite society again, eh?).

What Satsuma is suggesting is that all women who have ever been in sex-work or have ever supported sex-work in any way, shape, or form – are all survivors of childhood sexual abuse. And that these survivors cannot think for themselves, they cannot be responsible for themselves, and that they should not be taken seriously.

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