Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)

Calm the fuck down, bitch Calm the fuck down Get it together or get out of town Oh you crave a crisis Just to feel important You’re jerking off again To a tornado Of shrieking demon heads And other fucked-up shit Bitch, calm the fuck down Jump in a lake Sink to the bottom AndContinue reading “Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)”

Stephen Fry is right about trigger warnings – he’s especially right about self-pity

People are calling Stephen Fry’s comments about sex abuse victims “an extraordinary attack,” because he had the temerity to suggest that trigger warnings on literature are bullshit and that self-pity is an ugly, self-defeating emotion. He stated this bluntly and without the usual hand-wringing and tiptoeing that accompanies discussion of sex abuse in liberal circles. OH NO.Continue reading “Stephen Fry is right about trigger warnings – he’s especially right about self-pity”

Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken

I woke up today and immediately saw two bits of news: The Russian Patriarch gave Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s top propagandist, a church award. I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church and, even though the church has always taken orders from the government in Russia (it was never the other way around, as many peopleContinue reading “Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken”

Why it sucks to be a journalist (and why people do it anyway)

In the West, the news is a commodity, a product. And the customer is always right. If you’re not giving the customer what they want – you’re usually screwed. In places like Russia, the news is more like a government-owned resource. And the government gets to set the agenda on how said resource will beContinue reading “Why it sucks to be a journalist (and why people do it anyway)”

James Foley’s critics are the real cowards

And when I talk about his critics, I don’t just mean Charles C. Johnson (although, seriously, screw that guy). Since news of Foley’s beheading by ISIS first broke, I’ve seen enough depressing Facebook “debate” that basically argues that gee, isn’t it sad that this journalist was slaughtered – but couldn’t he have been a littleContinue reading “James Foley’s critics are the real cowards”