“It was Christmas Eve, babe, In the drunk tank…”

I know I put up this video last year, but my mood seems to be oddly the same this year: The weather in Amman has gotten completely wild, to the point that the wind was literally blowing me sideways as I made my way down the street and to the house (I could point theContinue reading ““It was Christmas Eve, babe, In the drunk tank…””

The Obligatory Christmas Music Video

Is it weird that this song makes me miss North Carolina? You might as well change the lyrics to “little sister brought her new boy friend. He was an aaa-rab.” Well, except that I’m nobody’s little sister (sometimes I wish I was – although being a little cousin ain’t so bad either), and my parentsContinue reading “The Obligatory Christmas Music Video”

Sexual Harassment in Amman SUCKS

Just thought I’d get it out there. In case you were wondering. I got dropped off near a store after work yesterday, at around 7 p.m. I bought some groceries and, laden with bags and my work satchel, clickedy-clacked in my favourite pumps up to the house. I love the sound those things make whenContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Amman SUCKS”

The Mumbai Murderers

I’m not a fan of mosque-culture by a long shot (neither am I fan of church-culture, and I’m a Christian too, so go ahead and save your “OMIGOD INTOLERANCE” rants for another day, peoples), but I was somewhat encouraged by Friday prayers today. We live fairly close to a mosque, and today in particular youContinue reading “The Mumbai Murderers”

Jack Carter on Barack Obama

This is a really cool piece – by Jimmy Carter’s son, no less. Personally, I’m almost electioned-out, heh heh. Halloween should have been a break from all that, but it looks like we have no plans after all. Oh the joy, the JOY of having nothing to do and nowhere to go on one ofContinue reading “Jack Carter on Barack Obama”