Jack of hearts

Men have always said, “Don’t you dare write about me.” Max never said anything of the sort, because writing didn’t exist for him, not really. It was real the way Australia might be real to someone in Europe. You’d see people from Australia posting on Twitter when the night was too hot for sleep andContinue reading “Jack of hearts”

Congratulations to Russia AND Ukraine

Thank you for a fun Eurovision. It’s not cool to care about these contests, but whatever. Screw you, stiff-upper-lippy types, and screw everyone nattering on about “we need to have a contest just for Western countries! Why I was livid that these creatures, who ought to be hoovering my living room or performing a differentContinue reading “Congratulations to Russia AND Ukraine”

Fun Online Reading For You!

OK, so we’ve been busy improving the features on the Arab-themed magazine (improvements to the general-themed international magazine will soon follow), particularly as it relates to the browsing experience. So, for example, now you can read up on topics featuring Muslim women with all of the related articles grouped together nicely for your enjoyment. AnotherContinue reading “Fun Online Reading For You!”